US Box Office: Inside Out 2 soars above 150 million over the weekend

In a cinematic season lacking in emotions, Inside Out 2 arrived like a hurricane, sweeping away all worries.

Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

According to the estimates offered by BoxOfficePro, in fact, the new Pixar animated film went well beyond the wildest expectations, thus snatching an almost record-breaking victory at the US Box Office. Anticipated with a 100 million debut weekend, Inside Out 2 has collected an extraordinary estimated gross of 155 million dollars in the last three days, with an average per theater of almost 40 thousand dollars. Inside Out 2 is undoubtedly the highest debut gross of 2024 (almost double that of Dune Part Two), but also the second highest American debut weekend ever for an animated film, surpassing the 146.4 million for “Super Mario Bros – The Movie” and behind only “Incredibles 2” with 182.7 million.

The excellent responses from audiences and critics helped the sequel to Inside Out achieve this extraordinary result at the US Box Office. On RottenTomatoes the critics' score was 92% positive reviews, while for the public the result was even higher (96%). On CinemaScore, however, the film received a splendid "A", also followed by a 4.5 out of 5 with PostTrack. On an international level, things went even better. In fact, from the 38 markets in which Inside Out 2 was scheduled, 140 million dollars arrived, for a total of 295 million globally. Statistics in hand, this is the highest global debut of an animated film. Among the best international takings, the one obtained in Mexico stands out (30.2 million), followed by Korea (14.9 million) and the United Kingdom (13.9 million.

But the good news doesn't just come from the Pixar/Disney film. The second weekend of Bad Boys: Ride or Die brought another $33 million into Sony's coffers, a drop of 42%. Overall, the takings of the American action movie rose to 112.24 million, which becomes 214.6 million globally. At this point in the run, the entire Bad Boys franchise has hit the $1 billion mark. Third place on the podium at the US Box Office saw Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes with a taking of 5.2 million dollars (total 157.8 million), ahead of Garfield – The Movie with 5 million (total 78.52 million ) and The Watchers with 3.66 million (total 13.66 million).