Under Paris: Director talks about continuation and release on streaming

Xavier Gens also commented on the film's relationship with the Olympics

Image Credit: Netflix

Xavier Gens, director of Under Paris, a shark thriller that was a hit last week on Netflix, commented in an interview with Variety about the possibility of a sequel. "We're not currently discussing this, but there's a chance we will discuss it soon. If there is a sequel, it will occur in a completely submerged Paris," Gens said. The director also commented on whether there was regret in releasing the film directly on streaming instead of the cinema circuit. "No, I don't think about that. Netflix took a risk on the film and gave us a budget that we couldn't have gotten elsewhere," he said.

Regarding the proximity to the Olympics, Gens also assured that there was no reaction from either the city or the Olympic Committee. "Neither! But Berenice Bejo recently met Anne Hidalgo [mayor of Paris] and told her about the film," said the director. "She had a very friendly reaction and said she would watch it! I haven't heard from the Olympic committee, but we heard from the triathlon organizers who were happy that a film talked about them." The thriller takes place during the summer of 2024 (when, in reality, Paris will host the Olympics) and the French capital is hosting the World Triathlon Championship on the River Seine. 

That's when Mika, an environmental activist, informs the brilliant scientist Sophia about the presence of a huge shark in the waters. The two team up with the police commander responsible for the Sena, Adil, to avoid the worst. Nominated for an Oscar in 2012 for The Artist, Bérénice Bejo plays Sophia, with Léa Léviant as Mika and Nassim Lyes as Adil. Iñaki Lartigue and José Antonio Pedrosa Moreno complete the cast of Under Paris. Under Paris is directed by French director Xavier Gens, who also wrote the script with Yaël Langmann, Yannick Dahan, and Maud Heywang. 

Gens also directed episodes of Lupine for Netflix, a series with Omar Sy that became the most popular French production on the platform. Sebastien Auscher is the producer of Under Paris, with Nicolas Massart in photography, Riwanon Le Beller in editing, and Stéphanie Doncker as casting director. Production design was by Hubet Puille, while art direction was in the hands of Nicolas Prono, with Ilse Wilcox taking care of the set decoration. The shark film Under Paris is now available in the Netflix catalog.

Source: Variety