The Smashing Machine: Dwayne Johnson suffers injury during recording

The star injured his elbow behind the scenes of the fight film

Image Credit: Seven Bucks Production

Dwayne Johnson was injured behind the scenes of his new film The Smashing Machine. Through social media, the star commented that he suffered an injury to his right elbow while filming the biopic of Mark Kerr, two-time UFC heavyweight champion. "Every time your movie is called The Smashing Machine you're going to get crushed. I took a good beating today in our scenes. Maybe there's some fluid in the tissues, we'll see. But the pain is okay. Everything's fine," The Rock said in a statement. a video posted on Instagram. He added that he would need to drain the fluid from the tissues before taking an X-ray to see the full injury.

Benny Safdie will write and direct The Smashing Machine. He and Johnson have been working together on the film since 2019. A24 will finance the project and produce it with Seven Bucks Productions, Johnson and his partner Danny Garcia's production company, and Safdie will produce with his Out for the Count production company. While Safdie and A24 have collaborated on both Uncut Gems and The Curse series, the combination of the studio and Johnson is undoubtedly unusual. Best known for intimate, challenging works like Moonlight, Everything in Everywhere at Once, and Midsommar, A24 has never worked with a star of Johnson's status.

At the same time, this is a rare departure for Johnson, who broke through as a wrestler in WWE, from his franchise-focused work with major studios like Warner Bros., Universal, and Netflix. Mark Kerr, known as The Smashing Machine in the world of martial arts and professional wrestling, was a UFC champion who enjoyed great success in the sport, and many challenges in his personal life. Chief among them was his battle with addiction to painkillers, which eventually led to an overdose in 1999. There is still no release date for The Smashing Machine. As A24 only distributes films in the USA, it also does not have a distributor in Brazil at the moment.