Michael, here's to all the Jackson 5! The cast of the biopic on the King of Pop has been revealed

All the faces of the cast of the film dedicated to the legendary King of Pop have been made official

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The hype is growing around Michael, the first biopic dedicated to Michael Jackson, whose release date is set for April 18, 2025. And if the King of Pop will be played by his nephew, Jaafar Jackson, the twenty-seven-year-old son of his brother Germaine, let's find out today all the performers of the Jackson 5, represented in the film in different phases of their lives. For this reason, each member of the family, Michael, Germaine, Jackie, Marlon, and Tito, will be assigned two different actors, while the biopic directed by Antoine Fuqua promises to range from Michael's childhood, lived in the spotlight and marked by the success of the Jackson 5, up to his adult life and the different phases of his solo career.

Eight actors will therefore play the four brothers who with Michael Jackson have graced stages all over the world: Jamal R. Henderson and Jayden Harville respectively play Germaine Jackson in adulthood and in the younger version of her. Tre Horton and Jaylen Lyndon Hunter were cast as Marlon Jackson; Rhyan Hill and Judah Edwards will play Tito, while the part of Jackie has been entrusted to Joseph David-Jones and Nathaniel Logan McIntyre. Colman Domingo was finally chosen to face the controversial figure of patriarch Jackie Jackson, while Nia Long will play mother Katherine Jackson. Also added to the cast is Miles Teller in the role of Lawyer John Branca.

Juliano Krue Valdi, a child of just 9 years old, closes the cast by playing Michael Jackson in his early years of life. The result is a truly ambitious project, which promises to not only be a celebratory biopic but also represents the most controversial aspects, the multiple gray areas in the personality of one of the most influential figures in the history of Pop Culture. Graham King, producer of Michael and already winner of an Oscar for Bohemian Rhapsody, on the pages of Variety says he is enthusiastic about this project: «The authentically epic nature of this film requires the presence of 10 actors to represent the Jackson 5 over the years. I am thrilled to introduce this magnificent group of actors to audiences around the world."

Meanwhile, fans of the King of Pop seem mostly enthusiastic about the protagonist. From the first images, the resemblance between Michael and his nephew Jafaar can only be said to be impressive, not only in strictly physical terms but also in terms of vocality and singing style. For all other updates on this highly anticipated biopic, continue to follow us.