Jurassic League: a film under the leadership of James Gunn is in production

The animated film Jurassic League does not currently have a release date.

Image Credit: DC

James Gunn's DC cinematic universe is about to get a prehistoric twist with the announcement of the comic book adaptation of Jurassic League, a version of the Justice League made up entirely of dinosaurs.

Jurassic League: what do we know about the film?

According to industry insider Jeff Sneider, an animated film based on the Jurassic League comics is currently in development at DC Studios, with DCU head James Gunn producing and Brian Lynch known for work such as Minions, Puss in Boots, and Pets to the screenplay. While details are still scarce, the film is expected to adapt the DC comic book series that features superheroes and villains transformed into anthropomorphic dinosaurs, set in a prehistoric Earth. James Gunn has yet to confirm details of the project, which appears to still be in an early stage of development.

But this news probably won't surprise DC fans, considering James Gunn's ambitious projects and his previous successes with Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad. While his previous films have dealt with more mature themes, the Jurassic League film, given the collaboration with Brian Lynch, is expected to be aimed at a younger audience, in line with the light and fun tones of the comics.

The Jurassic League, a prehistoric counterpart to the Justice League, is set in a separate reality designated as Earth-27. The plot of the film could follow the adventures of this team of super-powered dinosaurs, committed to saving a prehistoric Earth from the dark machinations of Darkseid, following the narrative path of the comic series that inspired the project. It's not yet clear whether the Jurassic League film will be an Elseworld story or whether it will be part of James Gunn's DCU canon. However, considering the director's involvement in the project and his adaptation of the Batman graphic novel, Jurassic League may fit into his DC universe.

Source: CBR