Henry Cavill in the MCU? Here's who he would like to play!

Henry Cavill could be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and he has very clear ideas about the character he would like to play!

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Henry Cavill has recently been the subject of rumors regarding his possible participation in the MCU, but some time ago The Witcher actor had already revealed which Marvel comics superhero he would like to play in the live-action series three years ago. British actor Henry Cavill began his acting career in small films and television series but rose to international fame after being cast as Clark Kent, aka Superman, in the DCEU film Man of Steel in 2013 Since then, Cavill has continued to achieve success, appearing in four other DCEU projects, the Mission: Impossible saga, and Netflix projects The Witcher and Enola Holmes, but he could be next in line to join Marvel Studios' MCU.

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Recently, Henry Cavill has been the subject of speculation regarding a possible role in the MCU's Multiverse Saga, as some have theorized that he could be cast as the long-awaited villain Doctor Doom. This role could see Cavill debut in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, but there are several other Marvel characters Henry Cavill would be perfect for. After being replaced as Superman by David Corenswet in the DC Universe reboot, Henry Cavill is perhaps free to join the MCU as a powerful new superhero, and he's already revealed exactly which Marvel hero he'd like to play.

In 2021, Henry Cavill spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about his career, and at that juncture, the opportunity was taken to ask him what role he would like in the MCU. While noting that he would never want to replace a current MCU actor if a role would need to be recast, Cavill noted that he would like to play Brian Braddock, aka Captain Britain. This followed early rumors that Cavill would play the British hero after Warner Bros. neglected the DCEU's Superman for several years. Cavill even compared his vision to that of Captain America, offering a more modern version of the Marvel Comics hero.

“I will never say a Marvel character that is already played by someone else, because everyone is doing an amazing job. However, I have the internet and I have seen the various rumors about Captain Britain and it would be very fun to do a modern and cool version of the hero, like they modernized Captain America. There's something fun about it, and I love being British."

Like Captain Britain, Henry Cavill would have the chance to represent his home country as a British superhero, and it would also expand the series itself, as Marvel Studios has never focused on heroes from the United Kingdom. After playing Superman for a decade, Henry Cavill has proven time and time again that he is perfect for the role of Brian Braddock, even though this would be a much more human and attainable character than the alien Kal-El. If Cavill is cast as Captain Britain, he could debut before the conclusion of the MCU's Multiverse Saga.

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