Avatar 3, the cast is enriched with new names and suggests the resurrection of these characters!

Avatar 3 and the additions to the cast: who will return in the next film of the franchise directed by James Cameron?

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Actors Wes Studi and Laz Alonso, known for their roles as Eytukan and Tsu'tey in Avatar: The Way of Water, are confirmed as part of the cast in the upcoming Avatar 3. But they're not the only ones! The familiar names of characters considered dead, gone, in previous chapters, reprise their roles in the upcoming film directed by James Cameron. The source of this exciting news is producer Jon Landau, who updated the film's cast with an announcement on his official social channels! Let's find out who else will return in Avatar 3.

The cast of Avatar 3 is enriched with new names, but also old acquaintances: who will come back to life?

Through his Instagram account, producer Jon Landau announced that Wes Studi and Laz Alonso will return to the series for motion capture work. Landau expressed excitement about having Laz and Wes back for motion capture work, though it's unclear whether they will reprise their previous roles or take on new characters. Landau said: “It's great to have Laz and Wes back for some performance capture.” Considering the series' history of bringing back characters like Miles Quaritch, played by Stephen Lang, as an Avatar clone, there is speculation about their roles. With Avatar's focus on family dynamics, they may appear in brief flashback scenes. Alternatively, they could play entirely new characters, a precedent that has already been set by Sigourney Weaver as Kiri in Avatar: The Way of Water.

Matt Gerald who played Corporal Lyle Wainfleet in the first two films, confirmed his return by sharing a character photo of him in Na'Vi form with the caption: “We're back… A3 guys. It's going to be crazy.” Avatar 3 completed filming in 2020 in New Zealand amid the COVID-19 pandemic after filming at the same time as The Way of Water. As previously reported, Avatar 3 will pick up where The Way of Water left off, depicting Jake and his family's fight against the invading forces of humanity and the RDA. While humanity has posed a significant threat throughout the series, Avatar 3 will introduce a new level of conflict with the inclusion of the Ash People, an antagonistic tribe that resides in the volcanic region of the planet. 

Cameron teased Avatar 3 by saying, “It's just a continuation of the epic and the historical mythology. You will see new environments and new characters. The characters you know and love will be tested even further and face trials and tribulations. I think it will be a more difficult journey than A2, in a good way.” Director James Cameron previously revealed that he already has ideas for Avatar 6 and Avatar 7. “We've written everything up to the fifth movie, and I have ideas for the sixth and seventh, although I'll probably pass the baton at that point. I mean, mortality catches up with you. But I mean, we're having fun with what we do. We work with great people,” he said.

Avatar 3 will be released in theaters on December 19, 2025.

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