US Box Office, Bad Boys: Ride or Die over 50 million over the weekend

Image Credit: Sony Pictures

The long-awaited Bad Boys: Ride or Die exceeded the US Box Office's wildest expectations in its debut weekend. The fourth film dedicated to the most famous detective duo of the action genre has rekindled the enthusiasm of Americans after weeks of great passivity. In fact, in the three days of its debut in theaters, Bad Boys: Ride or Die collected an estimated amount of 56 million dollars, and exceeded the pre-release forecasts deriving from preview data.

From the international market, the proceeds collected are estimated at 48.6 million dollars, for a Worldwide total of 104.8 million, 58% more than the proceeds accrued by Furiosa: Mad Max Furiosa (review here) in its debut, the latest blockbuster released in theaters. In this regard, Deadline reported that Bad Boys 4 has set a new record for the saga in some countries in Latin America and the Middle East. Among the most profitable international markets, the United Kingdom leads with $4.9 million, followed by Mexico with $4.2 million and Germany with $3.7 million.

Returning to Furiosa: Mad Max Saga, the global takings rose this weekend to 144.4 million dollars thanks to the 3.6 million collected since its debut in China. The richest international market for George Miller's films is South Korea with 10.9 million. As regards, however, Garfield – A Tasty Mission, the weekend offered a good performance and a Worldwide total increasingly closer to 200 million (192.7 million to be precise). The latest noteworthy result in the Worldwide Box Office is that offered by Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, now above 350 million (359.8 million to be exact).