Solo Leveling: Crunchyroll CEO praises the success of the anime series

Image Credit: Crunchyroll, LLC.

Solo Leveling kicked off the 2024 anime program and immediately achieved incredible success among fans in all parts of the world. Solo Leveling was born as a South Korean Sonyon light novel series written and illustrated by Chugong, subsequently serialized starting in 2016 on the digital platform KakaoPage. But since March 2018, a manhwa adaptation of the series, drawn by DUBU of Redice Studio, began to be published in webtoon format, again on KakaoPage.

After its debut on Crunchyroll with the first anime season, through a recent interview, one of the heads of Crunchyroll was able to talk about how the streaming service helped bring Solo Leveling to life. Solo Leveling focuses on a world of "hunters", also populated by mystical monsters. And the hunter who leads the anime series is called Jinwoo Sung and holds the title of “world's worst hunter”, as evidenced by his status of “Rank E”. But one day, following an inexplicable event, Jinwoo begins to develop powers that could lead him to become the strongest hunter of all.

In his interview with The Verge, Rahul Purini talked about how Crunchyroll led the creation of the Jinwoo Sung anime adaptation with A-1 Pictures. He opened by saying that in January they launched the anime adaptation of a series based on a Korean manhwa, namely Solo Leveling. The team read the manhwa, liked the title, and then later reunited with one of their partners in Japan, Aniplex. Thus a co-production of the anime was born. And after the first announcement dating back a year and a half ago, the CEO reflects on how well he had been received by fans around the world.

Purini went on to say that Crunchyroll should take matters into its own hands based on audience demand: “Sometimes some stories may not be what our partners may be able to create and produce primarily for Japanese audiences.” By this, he means that in these cases they intervene and invest with their partners because it might be something they strongly believe in for an international audience.

Source: Comicbook