One Punch Man, it's time for a flurry of normal punches! Here is the trailer for the third season

Saitama must prepare to face terrifying new enemies who will, however - unlikely - be able to get the better of him

Image Credit: Crunchyroll, LLC.

The moment has finally arrived: four years after the release of the second season, the first images of the third season of One Punch Man have been shown, the acclaimed webcomic created by ONE which later became a manga drawn by Yusuke Murata and an anime global phenomenon. On the EMOTION Label Channel YouTube channel, on the occasion of the publication of the 30th volume of the manga in Japan and the exceeding of 30 million copies sold, a teaser was shown which shows us Garou engaged in fighting against two new monsters - and apparently with extreme difficulty.

The protagonist, Saitama, is also briefly shown, as the man who, after having carried out a workout consisting of only 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 squats, and 10 km of running a day, managed to become invincible. The peculiarity of the story is precisely this: nothing seems to question Saitama's enormous power, even though his enemies are increasingly growing in power and danger. He only needs a flurry of normal punches to get the better of him.

One Punch Man 3 first teaser trailer:

From the trailer, we also discover that the management of the anime remained in the hands of J.C. Staff. Tomohiro Suzuki returns as the screenwriter and adapter of the original manga by ONE and Murata. At the moment, the release date of this third season has not yet been confirmed. In the meantime, however, we remind you that a live-action version of One Punch Man is also in the works. According to the latest news, dating back to June 2022, Justin Lin, director of many chapters of the Fast & Furious saga, should direct the adaptation.