Bleach: Tite Kubo would like a remake of the anime series

Image Credit: Pierrot

Bleach is one of the most iconic shonen series of all time which, together with Naruto and One Piece, has certainly marked an era. In the past, the hit series was often considered one of the greatest ever made. However, towards the final moments of the manga's serialization, things began to falter, with the anime doing nothing but showcasing filler content. But in recent years Bleach has returned to the small screen with the adaptation of the final arc of the manga, winning overall fans. But recently Tite Kubo revealed what he would like for his Shonen series.

In fact, the mangaka recently spoke with his fans through his blog where he often answers questions. When asked about the legacy of the Bleach anime series, the mangaka said that he would like to see a remake. “I would love for that to happen,” he shared. Continuing, Kubo said he wanted a remake of Bleach that faithfully follows the original work, i.e. the manga. So, as you might imagine from this statement, Kubo is probably more eager for a remake than he's letting on.

Of course, there are no plans for a Bleach remake, but that doesn't mean the series is over. The manga ended a few years ago, but several contents never received an anime adaptation, which fans got to see with the Beach: The Thousand Year War series. The first two parts of the anime are currently available, available for rewatch on Disney+. We remember that on the occasion of the recent Jump Festa, Studio Pierrot shared the first trailer of the third part of The Thousand Year War, for which Tite Kubo declared that he would be much more present through supervision work.

The manga follows the adventures of protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki, who accidentally receives shinigami powers from Rukia Kuchiki. He will take on the task of defending human beings from evil spirits and guiding deceased souls to the afterlife. Furthermore, Ichigo will have the opportunity to explore various realms of the afterlife and discover more about his origins.

Source: Comicbook