Deadpool 3: Rob Delaney will return to the film

The third film sees Shawn Levy directing, replacing David Leitch, director of the previous film.

Image/20th Century Studios

Deadpool is certainly one of the strangest characters that gave birth to the House of Ideas: we are talking about a spotless and fearless warrior, practically immortal, who among other things is one of Marvel's most incredible and disarming comic characters. A figure from a controversial side who fortunately, in the following years, had the opportunity to debut on the big screen thanks to Tim Miller (Love, Death & Robots, Terminator – Dark Destiny) who in 2016 directed the first film dedicated to the superhero. A huge success that was followed by another equally valid film that also settled the possibility of a third chapter, partially arrested by the coronavirus.

Deadpool 3 is coming to theaters in 2024

That said, Deadpool 3, for the first time directed by Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum, Stranger Things) sees the return of the mythical anti-hero embodied by Ryan Reynolds (Free Guy, The Adam Project) this time accompanied by another great Marvel icon. Obviously, we are referring to the legendary Wolverine, again embodied by Hugh Jackman, who after his "farewell" in James Mangold's Logan - The Wolverine, still seems to have many things to tell. 

Apparently, however, he is not the only character known to the public. As recently reported by Deadline, in fact, Rob Delaney (Last Christmas, Watch out for those two) will also return in the third chapter, in the role of Peter, a secondary character from the previous film who struck the audience for his irreverence. We are talking about a totally foreign figure, given that Peter is a simple human who, however, still wanted to join Wade Wilson's team. We remind you that Deadpool 3, produced by Marvel Studios, should arrive in theaters during 2024 with the distribution obviously by Walt Disney who recently acquired 20th Century Studios, a move that allows the official inclusion of the superhero in Inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Source: Deadline